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  • What is your Quality Guarantee?
    I have researched several printing manufactures, which includes ordering samples and performing due diligence. I wanted to select products with the highest quality possible at the most affordable prices. I am quite happy with the manufacturers I have chosen and stand behind the quality at these great prices. Giclee' prints are on beautiful Archival paper using high quality inks which I have tested out with various images. The paper is luxurious and the printout is clear and vivid. Canvas prints are on sturdy wooden frames of high quality canvas material and print with vivid colors and presentation. They are beautiful and well made and will provide years of enjoyment. The puzzles are made of high quality material free of dust. The puzzle pieces are sturdy and the interlocking is strong enough that the puzzle will hold together when picked up (gently of course!). The images are printed with clear detail and vivid colors.
  • Do you sell Original artwork
    Yes, on occassion but is not my primary focus to sell originals. At this time, my Wine Country Door Series original pieces are not for sale. The paintings are 30x30 paintings with a 1.5" - 2" painted edge (different from the prints I sell). The canvases are very high quality and the paints used are of highest quality Sennelier oil paints. The sides painted on the originals are unique and slightly different than the giclee' prints and canvas prints. However, if you are interested, please contact me at If you see a piece of artwork in my gallery and are interested in the original, please contact me at
  • Do you sell Limited Edition prints
    Yes, but at this time, they will only be sold by special request or in person at festivals, fairs, or galleries.
  • Do you Digitally Enhance your artwork?
    The short answer is Yes. The world of technology has opened so many wonderful doors for artists!! Enhancing or creating artwork digitally is both a skill and a craft which requires time, training, cost, and artistry and is certainly considered a form of fine art. However, for the most part, my artwork is simply professionally photographed with high quality and presented in print. There are some pieces which I have adjusted to remove slight flaws (like a scratch); or to improve a presentation with such enhancements as lighting adjustment which is more pleasing in a printed form of the artwork. There are a couple of paintings in my Wine Country Door Series which I have had to remove trademark branding and replace them with other images which I did so digitally. I also found a great opportunity to create additional versions of some of my artwork; such as the Birch Trees in Starlight presented in different color options, or the Color Pencil on Black Paper which I would present in Black and White. In short, I embrace digital wholeheartedly...but not to completely change my artwork, only to enhance it.
  • What is your Return policy?
    I'm sorry you're asking this question, because that must mean you need to return a purchased item. I am a small business and unfortunately do not have the means to add a button to make returns easy and seamless. However, I do want you to be happy with your purchase! If the item you purchased arrives damaged: please email me at and put RETURN REQUEST in the email header with pictures of the damaged item. Please provide pictures of the packaging and the damaged print. I will replace the damaged item. If the item you purchased has printing flaws such as off centered, spots, skewed, etc, please email me at and put RETURN REQUEST in the email header with pictures of the damaged item. I will request a replacement for you from the printing company. If you are unhappy with your purchase because you no longer like it or it doesn't work in your space like you thought it would: please remember this is a piece of artwork and I am a small business with small profit margins. Please consider giving it as a gift to a loved one, or donating it to a charity. If you really want to request a refund for this purpose, please email me at and provide an explanation for your request. If you are requesting return due to artwork flaws: Please remember, this is a piece of artwork, and what might be a flaw to you, could very well be intentional by the artist. If you really want to request a refund for this purpose, please email me at and provide an explanation for your request.
  • What is your Shipping policy?
    I have chosen a printing company which has included shipping in their cost to manufacture, print, and ship. This provides both you and me a great cost savings. As such, all Giclee' Prints and Canvas Prints have the cost of shipping included. This company has the discretion to choose the shipping company of their choice. The Puzzles are manufactured by a different company and shipped directly from my little store. Shipping for small businesses is very costly and complicated. At this time I have increased the price of the puzzles slightly to include shipping costs to make it simple and easy for my customers. These will be shipped via USPS with tracking.
  • Do you charge Sales Tax?
    Sales Tax is a complex topic with online stores and each State in the USA has different policies. At this juncture, I am only collecting Sales Tax for sales within my own state of California. This policy is subject to change as sales tax laws change.
  • Do you do Commission Artwork?
    I have not in the past, but would be open to it. If interested, please email me at
  • How do you unroll and flatten a print?
    If you purchase a print, it will arrive rolled (i.e. not flat). This is intentional and is a best practice at storing and shipping prints. But then you receive it and you're what? Well, there are several techniques for unrolling these. The goal is to unroll and flatten without damaging the print. You can search online for some great YouTube videos on how to accomplish this. I personally like to 'reverse' roll and then flatten. However, this option requires that you have a cylinder of some kind to reverse roll it. Search 'Flatten rolled Fine Art prints or posters' and choose the method which works best for you
  • How do you add a Mat and/or Frame to a print?
    This is a very creative process and there are so many options available. You can choose different color Mats and double mats with different colors. Frames, well these are available in so many different materials, colors, sizes, shapes.....unlimited options!! Personally, when I mat and frame a piece of artwork, I like to order them online. You can take a picture of the art piece and upload it to an online framing store where you can view all the vast options available. I recommend you not only look for what is pleasing to the artwork, but also to the space where you want to place the art. This can be a little costly if you are selecting unique options and sizes, so be careful. If you're uncomfortable with the online process, you can always take your artwork to a framing store where they will give you expert advice. This is likely the most costly approach, but many framing stores have sales throughout the year. The third option, go to a craft store and select something low cost and simple. MAT HINT: A mat has 2 different measurements - inner and outer. For example, if you have an 8"x8 print and you want a 2" mat, your inner measurement will be 8x8 and outer measurement will be 12"x12". Be careful purchasing already cut mats as the inner measurement might be slightly less than the measurement they stated (i.e. 8X8 might be 7.75"x7.75") and end up covering up the artwork.
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