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About Patti Copus Fine Art

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Patti's art comes from a lifelong passion of expression and experiences.  Patti was born, raised, and lived  in California’s Marin and Sonoma counties in Northern California.  Patti has been practicing visual arts her entire life as a hobby and in 2021 decided to pursue it as a post retirement professional career.   Throughout her life, there wasn’t a wall or fence that was safe from her painting.  Whether it's doodling during meetings, drawing characters on kids lunch bags, a sketch as she waits in line, mural on a wall, or an elaborate goes without saying that she was born to create. 

Patti began taking her talents a bit more serious in 2007 when she started painting with a private instructor weekly after work.  After 10 years of ‘recreational’ painting, she decided it was time to bring additional structure into her artwork and enrolled in classes at the Santa Rosa Junior College where she continues to learn and expand her talents.  This brings her to the now.  After the 2020 pandemic and wildfires, she is now ready to venture into the scary big world of exposure and share her artwork with the world.    Patti is launching into her professional artist career with a new series of paintings - Wine Country Doors which she started in 2019.  You can read more about her journey in the expanded About section.  


Patti’s primary choice of medium today is oil paints, but she also enjoys creating drawings using various other mediums.   While painting and drawing is her ultimate choice for creativity, she also enjoys photography, mosaics, jewelry making, and cake decorating.  Patti has earned numerous ribbons in local art competitions including many 1st place awards and a Best of Division.  

This website is created and managed by Patti (using Wix).  Please have patience if something doesn't quite look right or work correctly.  It's another learning experience!!

Thank you for visiting 

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